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Nallahs Drying up in South Kashmir, Agriculture Suffers

Nadeem Yusuf

March 30

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Kashmir valley may be facing major water crisis due to continuous dry spell in the region.

Continuous dry spell has caused drinking water shortage across, a farmer told The Kashmiriyat.

“It is true that we are facing water crisis and that is because the water sources have almost dried up,” Gul Mohammed, a resident of Kokernag told The Kashmiriyat

This year was comparatively drier than the last year because the higher reaches also received less snow as compared to the previous year.

In South Kashmir’s Islamabad (Anantnag) the signs are pretty much visible.

 The Brengi  Nallah in the Kokernag area of the district once a famous source of water has completely dried up.

In the month the April, normally the Nallah used to be in full bloom and was the only source of water for agriculturalists, orchardists in the region.

“Agriculture is the major source of Kashmir economy and people are heavily dependent on it . But due to the negligence of the Governments and the dry spell, the sector may suffer a lott in the coming year,” Abdul Ahad, a farmer told The Kashmiriyat.  

Apple growers are also worried as most of the Nallahs have dried up.

“We face a lot of problems carrying water from faraway to spray in our orchards,” Ghulam Mohuddin, an apple grower said.

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