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Fareeda Mushtaq, who is in her late twenties, was moved out of the intensive care unit at Sher-e-Kashmir Institute of Medical Science (SKIMS) during the movement and taken to post-operative care.

The monitor beeped beside her, two tubes inserted through the right side of her abdomen carried blood in and out of her body. The nurses tied her hair together in gauze. Unable to speak through the oxygen mask on her face, the only sounds that she let out were sighs of pain.

She was unaware that her husband was dead.

Fareeda is the wife of special police officer (SPO) Mushtaq Ahmad Sheikh, who was shot inside their home at Katsoo in Bijbehara area of Islamabad district on March 29.

Mushtaq Ahmad Shaikh died on the spot, while Fareeda sustained bullet injuries in the right side of her chest. The bullet left her body causing lacerations on her lungs and after fracturing several ribs.

At the Srinagar hospital Saturday, Fareeda was struggling to breathe. The only way to ease her pain seemed to be by keeping her right arm permanently stretched over her body towards her left arm.

She could not turn on her side and she did not have the strength to hold her arm in that position, so her brother, Mehraj Ahmad, held her arm and tried to comfort her.

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