April 03

Jahangeer Ganie


Aspirants for the posts of Assistant professor in various department of Islamic university of Science and technology IUST have alleged fraud by the university authorities.
The aspirants while speaking to ‘The Kashmiriyat’ said that the university gave some   points to some favorite candidates which they were unaware of, which later became the criteria of getting the job in the university.
Aspirants added that the merit list of assistant Professors in Physics which was uploaded first shows three aspirants absent on the day of interview. But the Second merit list of the same subject shows 8 aspirants absent among them 5 were shown present in first list.
A candidate of chemical science said that In chemical science authorities used new definition of postdoctoral research as the two selected candidates have been shown to have PDF (Post doctoral fellow) which the selected candidates even don’t know.
Moreover they alleged that SRF senior Research fellowship  and Co-Principal investigator (a research projector) have been considered as post doctoral research.
They added that In Physics absentees were also given 20 -22 points in the interview merit list. Despite the list was modified, but it gestures the fraudulent way of interview held for the post.
Most of the IUST-served applicants were ignored not because of less potential, but having no solid recommendation, they added.
Moreover they alleged that the screening of documents has not been made authentic and most of the merit points seem to be have been ignored by the authorities.
On contacting vice chancellor of Islamic university of science of technology Mushtaq siddiqi, told The Kashmiriyat that allegations of favouritism are baseless and  candidates were selected on UGC guidelines and no candidate was selected on anyone’s recommendation.
He added that the panel appointed for the selection process were from all over India and their names were kept secret so that no one will be influenced.


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