April 20

Firdous Qadri

The telecom company Airtel subscribers at Sonwar area of Srinagar city facing difficulties due to poor network for the past few months.

Airtel users are complaining that they are facing issues like call drops, connection breaks, inconsistent speed, non availability of proper 4G speed etc.

Due to poor internet services, the students, professionals including journalists and businessmen are worst hit.

The students said that the poor internet services are affecting their studies as several examinations are underway in schools, colleges and varsities.

The subscribers of the area while speaking to The Kashmiriyat said “Every time when one attempts to make a call, the response is ‘the number is not-reachable’ or the message ‘no network’ gets displayed on the screen,” a local told The Kashmiriyat.

Many customers complained that they are facing network problems while accessing the internet across location.

Most users complain that the connectivity of Airtel has dropped drastically in the area.

They further said that services are erratic. “we are facing poor network issues from the past few months. The internet speed is poor and the 4G service speed in our area is not good enough.”

“It is very unfortunate that every time we make a call, it breaks or the number comes out of reach,” a customer Fayaz Ahmad told while speaking to The Kashmiriyat.

“Call drops are frequent in the area due to poor networking and connectivity,” he said.

The subscribers of Sonwar said that despite their pleas, the company has been taking them for a ride.

“It is useless to have the Airtel SIM here. For last over a month, the service is totally down. Neither we are able to make a call nor can get the Net service on Airtel SIM,” a resident told The Kashmiriyat.

They said that even after approaching the higher ups of Airtel, the problem still persists. “Nobody from Airtel is ready to listen to us thereby leaving us to suffer,” they said.

They later appealed Airtel cellular company higher ups to redress their grievances as soon as possible.

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