Damhal- From 75 Per cent Voting in 2014 to Militancy Hotbed in 2018

April 22

There has been a Huge Rise in the number of youth from South Kashmir, taking up arms this year.

As The Kashmiriyat reported earlier, the latest one is Muzammil Ahmed Magray Son of Mohammed Afzal Magray, a resident of Watoo Manzgam inKulgam who has recently posed with an Ak 47 Rifle.

The Photo is doing rounds on Social Networking sites including Facebook.

Muzammil had gone missing on the 15th of April after which we tried to find him everywhere, one of his family member told The Kashmiriyat.

“We also filed a Missing report in the Police station and the Police officials said they will investigate the matter,” a family member said.

The Manzgam area in located in Damhal that wore a festive look during the2014 State Assembly Polls witnessed a voting percentage of 77.6.

Earlier, at least 7 youth from Damhal area were arrested when they were planning to Join Militant ranks, as per Police officials.

Gulzar Ahmed Padder, a youth from Takiya Adijan in Damhal was one of the first youth to pick up gun post elections of 2014 in the area, Sources informed The Kashmiriyat.

Amir Ramzan Tantray Son of Mohammed Ramzan Tantray resident Warpora Noorabad has also joined Militants this year.

Ata Mohammed Malik another who youth is in police custody was injured 16 November 2017, during a Gunfight in Kund area of Kulgam.

Aqib Bashir, a youth from here who was killed in Kachdoora encounter on April 01, this year.

“The area has undergone a massive transition from 2014 to now, during 2014 elections, the area wore a festive look, I remember,” a Damhal resident said.

But after the elections, youth have been participating in pro Freedom rallies, many taking up arms, he said.

During 2016 Uprising, a 21 year old girl, yasmeena was shot dead which angered people of the area and they attacked the Police station of the area and reportedly snatched 40 weapons from the Police station.

Another local informed that after the killing of Aqib Bashir on April 1, thousands of people marched to Ringath to pay tributes to the slain Militant.

“Such mass participation was witnessed during elections in 2014 here,” he said while speaking to The Kashmiriyat.

The Noorabad Damhal has been in the news for being the home to many prominent faces of Pro establishment groups including Sakina Itoo, Ex Social Welfare Minister, Wali Mohammed Itoo, former speaker of Assembly, MLA and EX Minister of Food Control, Abdul Majeed Padder, Presently the MLA and Abdul Aziz Zarger, Agriculture Minister, PDP.

But the area is again in news, though the reasons are different this time.

As Indian Agencies have stated in the past that Local recruitment is a cause of worry, however Analysts believe that Indian Government has done less to check the same.

The Local Militants apart from gaining wide public support also attract more youth to join the Militant ranks through social media platforms.

On contacting member of legislative council and national conference Member, he said this all is happening due to wrong policies of PDP -BJP coalition government.

He added that somehow we were trying to gain political space in South Kashmir but government has again disturbed peace in the area.

Author: Mohammed Ashraf Ganie

Ashraf is the chief correspondent for The Kashmiriyat from Kulgam District

News Reporter
Ashraf is the chief correspondent for The Kashmiriyat from Kulgam District