June 20


People in many areas of south kashmir took to streets and burst crackers after the news of fall of coalition Government in Jammu Kashmir spread.

Crackers were burst in Mattan, Pehroo, Pulwama Township, Bijbehera and Islamabad township after BJP withdrew support from the regional People’s Democratic party.

“Crackers were burst outside the houses of PDP Workers as many people hit the streets shouting pro Freedom slogans,” a local from Krangsoo told The Kashmiriyat.

Some people feel that the fall of Government will deteriorate the situation further, while many believe the situation is already worst.

“Killing has become a norm, Operation all out continues, AFSPA is still in place, PSA also is, Civilian Killings continue, Collateral damage has not been stopped either”, Irfan Ahmed, a Islamabad resident told The Kashmiriyat.

The coalition failed on all fronts and PDP lost support of public when it joined hands with BJP, now she was just trying to keep Amit Shah and Modi happy, but they also did not seem quite happy, Irfan said.

“She was not able to stop the Army or her officials, corruption was at peak, Development was invisible other than on Social Media, Internet bans has become a norm, Police still has a free hand, so i do not think, there will be worse than this in Governer’s rule,” a student Shahid Ahmed from Kulgam told The Kashmiriyat.

The political alliance in Jammu Kashmir came unstuck on Tuesday with the BJP, citing the PDP’s “inability” to address core issues and improve law and order in the restive state.

Author: Qazi Shibli

Qazi Shibli is a News Editor with ‘The Kashmiriyat.’ He is a Journalism graduate from Bangalore University.

News Reporter
Qazi Shibli is a News Editor with 'The Kashmiriyat.' He is a Journalism graduate from Bangalore University.