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Instagram Adds Group Video Chat

June 27

Popular Social Media Application, Instagram recently hit 1 billion monthly active users.

Instagram started group video calling rolling out in the Instagram mobile apps. You can chat with up to four friends at a time, straight from Direct, by tapping the new camera icon in the right corner. Obviously this works across iOS and Android.

While you’re video chatting you can minimize the video and do other stuff on Instagram. The video expands as more people join, and if there’s an active chat in a group thread the camera icon will turn blue to let you know. You can then join if you want to. There are no length limits for video chats.

You can engage anyone you have a Direct thread with. Blocked people won’t be able to video chat you, and it’s possible to mute specific persons in order not to receive notifications from them.
There are some new camera effects to enjoy as well.

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