Low Chances of 2014 Like Situation

June 30

The Authorities have declared floods in central Kashmir including Srinagar after the water level in Jhelum has crossed 20.9 ft at 11am.

Sonam Lotus speaking to The Kashmiriyat on Friday has asked people staying in low lying areas and never rivers to be vigilant as floods were declared in South Kashmir yesterday.

However the water levels have started receding, the latest reading recorded at Sangam guage at 11 am was was 22.91 feet against the highest reading of 23.84 feet at 2 am.

The Water has crossed the danger mark of 18 feet at Ram Munshi Bagh gauge however and was at 20.91 feet at 11 am, in 2014 floods that gauge as per civil administration was at 29 feet.

The District Administrations have set up help line numbers as weather is likely to remain wet till afternoon and asked people residing along the embankments of River Jhelum / Nallahs and in low lying areas of central Kashmir are advised to remain vigilant.

An Official of Flood Control Department told The Kashmiriyat that there are low chances of 2014 like situation as the weather is likely to improve, however people must remain vigil.

Author: News Desk

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