FIFA WC 2018- France Conquer the World

July 16

France and Croatia battled for supremacy in the world title on Sunday in the final of World cup tournament .

French emerged as victorious by scoring 4 Goals while as the underdogs Croatia managed to score only two.

Croatia defeated England 2-1 and France conquered belgium 1-0 to make it to the top of World Cup and mark their way into finals of World Cup 2018.

France has won one world cup title in 1998 when they defeated Brazil in the final by 3-0 Goals, while this is the best result of Croatia so far.

England and Belgium, the other two Semi Finalists will race for the number three spot today.


France vs Belgium/ 10 July/ France Won

England vs Croatia/ 11 July/ Croatia Won

After scoring the equalising goal in the extra time, Columbia lost to England in the penalties as they scored only 3 while England whose prime Striker Harry Kane had scored a Goal in the first half scored 4 Penalties.

Sweden also managed to get into quarter finals after beating Switzerland 1-0.


Uruguay Vs France/ 06 July/ France Won

Brazil Vs Belgium/ 06 July/ Belgium Won

Sweden vs England/ 07 July/ England Won

Russia vs Croatia/ 07 July/ Croatia Won


Brazil Defeated Mexico  2-0 to in the round of 16 to enter quarter finals along with Belgium who defeated Japan 3-2.

Today England will play Columbia and Switzerland will face Sweden in their race to the quarter finals.

The Hosts of World Cup 2018, Russia Advanced into the Quarters along with Croatia. Russia defeated Spain in penalties while Croatia defeated Denmark in penalties too.

With France and Uruguay making their way into Quarter Finals after France defeated Messi’s Argentina by 4-3 and Suarez and Cavani Starer Uruguay defeated Ronaldo’s Portugal by 2-1.

In the round of sixteen, Uruguay star Edinson Cavani scored both the goals with an amazing header and a distant shoot, while France scored four goals in a thriller.

From the round of sixteen only eight teams will go to the Quarters, with France and Uruguay having confirmed their place in the quarters, Today Brazil will face Mexico and Japan will face Belgium.

The Semi Finals will begin on July 10 and the final of 2018 WC would be on July 15.

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