Educated Youth from South Kashmir Continue to Join Al Badr

July 02

Al-Badr continues to attract qualified youths from South Kashmir as two more youths have joined this organisation in last four days.

Shakeel Ahmad dar son of Ab Rashid Dar resident of chillipora sugan area of south kashmir’s Shopian district and subzar Ahmad Mir son of Ali Mohammad Mir resident of Lassipora Pulwama have announced their joining as their pictures while holding Ak 47 has went viral on social media.

Subzar Ahmad mir a B.A final year student at government degree college Pulwama went missing without informing us about his plan and after failing trace him we filed his missing report at police station Lassipora, his family members told The Kashmiriyat.

They added that we traced him everywhere but couldn’t find him till his picture while carrying gun went viral on social media.

He never showed any inclination towards militancy and his joining has left us all shocked, they added.

Javaid Ahmad a close friend of Sabzar told The Kashmiriyat that Subzar was down to earth person and has never left prayers since his childhood.

“He never spoke about militancy and we don’t know what compelled him to join them,”Javaid told The Kashmiriyat adding that it is probably the atrocities of forces that is forcing educated youths to join ranks.

Shakeel pursuing BSc at government degree college Pulwama left home on Wednesday evening without informing us about his plan, said his family member.

He told The Kashmiriyat that after failing to trace him, we filed missing report at Police station zainapora.

However on Sunday afternoon we were informed by our relatives that Shakeel has joined ranks as his picture while holding Ak 47 has went viral on social media, he added.

Shakeel is youngest amongst five brothers and a sister.

Saifullah Dar, a close friend of shakeel told The Kashmiriyat that Shakeel was cricket lover and was best wicket keeper batsman of the area.

He was known for his long hair and driving bicycles with high speed however from last two years he changed completely and started following Islamic principles strictly, Dar added.

Shakeel belongs to one of the most richest family of the area and was never arrested before, his friend told The Kashmiriyat adding that Shakeel  is a distant cousin of active Hizb commander Aabid Manzoor Magray @Sajju Tiger resident of Nowpora Payeen Pulwama.

Local youth joining Militancy has been a growing phenomenon especially in the Southern Part of Kashmir as more than 90 youth have picked up arms in the first six months of 2018.

Figures available to The Kashmiriyat suggest that Militant recruitment has been swiftly growing after the three encounters of April 01 in South Kashmir when 13 Militants were killed.

More youth have shown inclination towards the gun after the fall of peaceful civilian uprising of 2010.

Indian and Pakistani Armies have fought three wars over Kashmir claiming the region in its entirety and in the last 30 years since Kashmiri youth rose in rebellion against Indian rule more than 80,000 people have lost their lives.

Author: Jahangeer Ganie

Jahangeer Ganie is the chief correspondent of The Kashmiriyat for District Pulwama in South Kashmir

News Reporter
Jahangeer Ganie is the chief correspondent of The Kashmiriyat for District Pulwama in South Kashmir