Yatris Urinating on Dal Lake- Photo Goes Viral, Social Media Aghast

July 02

A photo of showing Yatris urinating on the world Famous Dal lake in Kashmir’s Summer capital has evoked angry response of netizens in Kashmir, the photo is being widely shared across the Social networking sites.

The Photo that came into notice on Sunday has been shared and tagged to many administrative officials by Social Media users expressing their angry reactions to the act.

Qazi Umair, one of the first person who shared this photo on Social media has nearly 1000 shares on the photo wrote, “Dear Yatris, We welcome you with open arms. But you need to understand that Kashmir is NOT INDIA, Please don’t make it India. Thanks.”

Srinagar Journalist- Fahad Shah expressing his anger over the photo wrote, “This is what so called tourists or Yatris from mainland India, who bring so called economy, do to ‪#Kashmir, the so called heaven! (SIC).”

Many Social Media commentators have also expressed anger over the angry reactions. Javaid Trali, a famous social media commentator wrote, “Agree – they are at fault. But, what have Kashmiris done to their place, it’s water bodies & environment. Have you ever been to Dal lake? Naah? Please, go!”

Another Facebook user in a hilarious tone wrote, “This is Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Failed in India, Now Trying in Kashmir.”

Many people later made appeals over the social media Accounts asking Yatris to keep Kashmir clean, Khan Majid wrote, “Please Keep our Kashmir Clean.”

Author: News Desk

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