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30- Mostly Islamic Channels to be Banned in Jammu Kashmir

July 18

In order to tackle the unrest in Jammu Kashmir, the state Governor has ordered the closure of 30 Pakistani and Islamic channels from cable operators of the Valley.

These channels have been banned in the instructions issued by the Home Department. The Department said that these channels are in danger of peace and harmony.

After the order of the Home Department, it is believed that the cable operators will meet on Wednesday and discuss the latest developments.

They say that many people see these channels, so they may have to suffer loss due to state government’s decision.

The banned Channels include Islamic Channels like ARY, Madni Channel, Saudi Quran, Paigam TV, QTV, Peace TV Urdu and news channels like GEO TV.

The development comes a day after Indian Security officials from the Police and Indian Army met in South kashmir to discuss the ways to tackle growing Militancy.

A Cable operator from Islamabad (Anantnag) confirmed that they have already received a directive asking for the closure of the 30 channels.

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