Kashmiri Diaspora Group Displays Kashmiri Culture, ethnicity, Shout Pro Freedom Slogans in USA

July 18

An event was organised by Kashmiri Group of North America (KGNA)- a diaspora group of Kashmiris in North America, to display Kashmiri culture and spirit in America, the function was attended by over 500 Kashmiris.

A press briefer of the event said that The programme with multiples themes started a debate session which focused on topics like ‘Is independence possible for Kashmir?’, ‘Is it important to marry within the community?’ and ‘Has the Kashmiri American community done enough?’

They said that the main part of the event was Mushtaq’s comic play ‘Bea Chus Shahid – I am the witness’ which was played by a Kashmiri Doctor in Los Angeles named as Nahida Nazir.

The play focused on creating a narrative around the ‘contemporary reality which created a sense of disengagement towards the present’, and on holding on to the history of Kashmir.

Women of the community performed Rouf, the Kashmiri classical dance.

The participants also shouted Pro Freedom Slogans during the event.

The event also included the launch of books, “Resisting Occupation in Kashmir” and a separate book authored by Daisy Khan.

One of the speaker at the event while emphasising on the importance of preserving the Kashmiri language said, “if you have to kill a nation take away their language, culture will follow, so will the country.”

Author: News Desk

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