31 People Killed in Name of Cow Protection in India Since 2010

July 19

A report released by an Indian Newspaper 86 per cent of 31 Indians who were killed in such cow-related violence were Muslims.

Almost 97 per cent of these attacks have taken course after May 2014, since BJP came into power, Highest cow-related deaths registered in 2017 with more than 20 attacks in 6 months stating that in the last seven years almost 51 per cent Muslims were targeted in these cases related to cattle or bovines.

In the report, it has also been said that 35 cases out of the total 63 incidents were from states administered by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Out of the 31 Indians who were killed during the 7-year timeline, 27 were Muslims reveals the report.

The study suggests that the 2017 figures for the first six months are 75 per cent higher than the total figure of such violence recorded in 2016. It also adds that 2016 was previously the worst year for such cow-related attacks since 2010.

Attacks related to cattle were reported from 19 of 29 states, with Yogi Adityanath’s Uttar Pradesh topping the list with 10 attacks, Haryana with nine, six in Gujarat and Karnataka respectively, four in Madhya Pradesh, and four each in Delhi and Rajasthan.

Major incidents of lynching in small towns, villages Some of the major incidents that happened including the recent Ballabhgarh lynching are a stark example of how these attacks emanate for small towns or villages. In this article, we have listed down 10 major attacks, clearly showing how these attacks mostly occur in villages.

From Pehlu Khan’s lynching in Alwar this year to the horrid Dadri lynching of Mohammad Akhlaq in 2015, all of the attacks emerged from non-city locations.

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