Girl Elopes with Boyfriend, Gets Raped

July 30

In yet another shocking incident, a 16 year old girl who had eloped with her boyfriend on June 30 with her boyfriend in New Delhi was taken to Haridwar by her boyfriend where he sexually assaulted her.

They returned back to to Delhi after four days, where the boy met Ravi and he told him that he will get the boy a job, but he also raped the 16 year old girl who narrated her ordeal to Ravi’s Live-in partner.

Ravi’s Live-in partner fed her sedatives with food, After which the accused sold the girl to one Ashok Goyal, who runs a spa and massage parlour in Rohini area of Delhi. On the same night, the girl was again raped by Ashok and his two clients.

When her friend returned to ravi’s home, he found the girl missing after which he ran to the Police and filed a complaint, Acting on the complainant, police raided Ravi’s house and arrested him and Rinki (Ravi’s Live-in partner) During the interrogation, Ravi informed police that girl is in Rohini.

The Police later rescued the girl.

Author: News Desk

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