DC Office Building Costs Crores, General Public Deprived of Clean Toilets, Water

August 01

The Government of Jammu Kashmir spent crores of rupees for the construction and Development of Deputy Commissioner’s Office/ Mini Secretariat in Kulgam district of South Kashmir.

As the government of Jammu Kashmir continues to spend money on the mini Secretariat Kulgam where thousands of people visit every day.

However most of them are aghast over the disheartening sights inside the premises of Mini Secretariat as due to the lack of facilities for the general Public.

“They have built palaces for themselves assuring that they have every facility, but for general public, they care the least, A visitor from Kund valley of Qazigund area said while speaking to The Kashmiriyat.

The Kashmiriyat found that there is a single toilet for the general visitors which is also in a pathetic and an unusable condition.

“Due to unhygienic condition of the toilets, people hardly use them'” another visitor from Kulgam said.
The Kashmiriyat also noticed that the officers are using well furnished washrooms, locked and well maintained, however the public is not allowed into the washrooms.

The Officers are also have access to clean water facilities however the general public is also concerned non availability of pure water inside the secretariat.

A Local while speaking to The Kashmiriyat said that this is how they use our money, derive us of all the facilities and make your offices and homes luxurious.

The Assistant District Development commissioner (ADDC) Khawaja was quick to respond to the allegations.

Speaking to The Kashmiriyat he said that the office will ensure that clean toilets are provided to local populace.

Author: Mohammed Ashraf Ganie

Ashraf is the chief correspondent for The Kashmiriyat from Kulgam District

News Reporter
Ashraf is the chief correspondent for The Kashmiriyat from Kulgam District