4- day Camp to Eradicate Soil Transmitted Infection held in Sopore

August 10

Shabir Khan

A Four Day campaign to eradicate infections through soil was held in Sopore area of North Kashmir under National Deworming Day (NDD).

The aim of this programme is to deworm all the children from 1 to 19 years and improve their well-being.

Under the programme, all the school teachers and workers are provided special training and resource material.

In these 4 days camp in Sopore, deworming tablets will be given free to all the 1- 19 year age group. Teachers, workers all have given some educational guideline about deworming and the project.

The first day of the camp was inaugurated today by Block medical officer Sopore , Dr Dani of NDD, Shah Rasool Memorail Welkin School, Muslim educational trust and other schools in collaboration with WIPRO which was headed by Dr Hilal.

The authorities pleaded the residents of Sopore to come and take medicines of deworming.

Author: News Desk

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