DC Islamabad Stops Illegal Construction on River Side

August 10

The Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad (Anantnag) District in South Kashmir has stopped ilegal Contructions on the Arpat (Jhelum tributary) riverside.

In an appreciable move, the Deputy commissioner himself directed the officials to stop the illegal construction work going on the Newly constructed bypass which runs parallel to the lone river of the South Kashmir town.

A building was being constructed just few meters away from the river side. So far, a two storey structure has been constructed and pillars have been erected for both the structures,” The Kashmiriyat observed.

Meanwhile two more structure are about to be constructed, the basement for the same has been laid down.
The Deputy commissioner, Mohammed Yunus Malik today directed the authorities concerned for preventing the pollution of the river. He also sought the removal of illegal structures and constructions along the banks of the river.

The team that was stopped the construction work was led by Shabir Ahmed, the executive officer of Local Municipal Council who spoke to The Kashmiriyat and said, “The work on the Riverside has been stopped and the DC has said that he will try to ensure that no new structures come up on the river sides.”

Arpat, the important river of the township, is at the receiving end of encroachments, pollution, and dumping. Illegal constructions are infringing the river embankments at various places in the town.

Following the September 2014 floods, the High Court had directed the government to remove encroachments along the water bodies. After which Government removed constructions on several places on the banks of Jhelum.

One of the top officials told that the government has observed that authorities have focused only on Jhelum River by launching Flood Management Program and removal of illegal constructions along the river.

But similar attention needs to be paid towards other rivers and water bodies, which too had contributed in destruction during September 2014, the official said.

He said that the move of Deputy commissioner is appreciable.

Locals of the adjoining areas hailed the Deputy Commissioner and thanked him for his personal intervention into the issue.

Author: Salman Shah

News Reporter