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Three Injured in Bear Attack at Qazigund

August 10

Sheikh Nadeem/ Waris Shah

Three persons were injured when a bear attacked them on Friday at Manzmoh area of Qazigund in South Kashmir’s Islamabad (Anantnag) District.

Locals told The Kashmiriyat that a wild bear entered into a residential area and attacked people who were working in the fields.

In the attack three persons identified as Mukhtar Ahmed son of Dawood Ahmed Chichi, Gulab Noori wife of Said Wali Jinjoo and another villager from manzmoh were injured.

Sources told The Kashmiriyat that the three were rushed to a nearby hospital where they being treated.

A report published in 2013 stated that, In last 10 years, 200 people got killed and more than 500 got injured in human animal conflict in different parts of the Kashmir Valley.

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