Article 35A- Marriages Postponed as Uncertainty Prevails

August 30


Nazir Ahmed Dar, a resident of Islamabad (Anantnag)  is petrified as the dark clouds of 35A loom over Jammu Kashmir and his son is scheduled to get married the next week.

An NGO, “We the Citizens” filed a petition challenging the special status of Jammu Kashmir in the apex court of India and demanded its removal.

“We are really hopeful, but apprehensive as to situation may turn volatile anytime, we are very uncertain,” Nazir Ahmed told The Kashmiriyat.

Situation gripped out of control on Monday as a fresh petition challenging Article 35a was filed in the Supreme court of India by the spokesman of ruling party, BJP when thousands of youth took to streets and clashes with the forces demanding that the special status of Jammu Kashmir be safeguarded.

Pertinently, July- October is the peak of marriage season in Kashmir valley and thousands of couples tie knot every year in this season.

However, this year, many people have postponed their marriages and through advertisements on newspapers announced the cancellation of marriage parties.

“We cancelled the marriage of our daughter, we will hold it the next month or may be the next year, Situation is very tense and can turn worse anytime,” Ghulam Mohammed Kumar, from Kulgam told The Kashmriyat.

People all over the Kashmir valley are closely watching the developments over Article 35A, as the Hurriyat leadership has warned of dire consequences if Article 35A is tinkered with.

The Hurriyat leadership has been holding street protests, discussions and meetings with representatives of various regions to ensure maximum ground on Article 35A.

“We will call for a civilian uprising if Article 35a is touched and ensure that special status of Jammu Kashmir is safeguarded,” Mirwaiz Umar farooq, a key separatist leader has warned.

Dozens of marriages throughout the Kashmir valley have been postponed, however that is not the scene everywhere, wealthy businessmen and other rich people are throwing grand parties at marriage ceremonies.

In many areas including Srinagar and Islamabad (Anantnag), marriage parties worth crores of rupees are being thrown by wealthy men.

“Guests from all over Kashmir are visiting, the choice of guests is also very selective,” Shahid Ahmed, who is visiting a marriage ceremony in Islamabad told The Kashmiriyat.

He said that despite Curfew like restrictions the size of invitations has not been reduced, people are thronging the venue and crores of rupees have been spent on the wedding already.

Many such type of weddings are being held today and tomorrow in Kashmir valley despite the uncertainty of Article 35A gripping the Kashmir valley.

Author: News Desk

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