Rafael Scandal- Mera PM Chor Hai trends on Twitter Against Modi

September 22

In response to the now snowballing allegations of corruption against the Modi government, Indian Twitter users trending #Mera_PM_Chor_Hai.

One can always count on Indian Twitter for using Bollywood references to deliver biting political commentary. This time, inspired by the iconic film Deewar, users are tweeting pictures of “Mera PM Chor Hai” written on their wrists.

Former French President had said on Friday that it was the Modi government which picked Anil Ambani to be the offset partner in the Rafale deal. This earth-shaking revelation was met by utter silence from Prime Minister Modi and his ministers who have spent the past weeks claiming the exact opposite.

Since Modi personally negotiated the Rafale deal behind closed doors, he is under direct fire of the public’s anger and resentment.

On September 23, 2016, India and France signed a deal under which New Delhi would procure 36 Rafale fighter jets worth Rs 59,000 crore from Paris.

Later that year, Reliance Defence joined the the offset programme of the Rafale deal through Dassault Reliance Aerospace Ltd, in which it holds a 51% stake.

Dassault Aviation, which manufactured the jets, owns 49%. Reliance and Dassault announced a joint venture in India in October 2016.

Here are some of the tweets:

We voted for an honest and hardworking PM but today I feel betrayed that #Mera_PM_Chor_Hai.

He helped Ambani to loot our nation. Feeling Disappointed

— Mehul Choradiya (@ChoradiyaMehul) September 22, 2018

So called nationalist government compromised national security just for benefits of few business houses! Shame on you Modi ji!

BTW what was your cut? Few hundred crores in election funds?


— Dr. Safin (@HasanSafin) September 22, 2018

#Mera_PM_Chor_Hai #FilmyDialoguesOnRafale Ashamed that our PM has acted against national interest. Can IAF fight a 2 front war with just 36 Rafale jets ? National Security has been compromised to help Anil Ambani.
— AAP Ka Vikram (@vikrameffects) September 22, 2018

#Mera_PM_Chor_Hai and French Kisses is what he is getting now….!

— Kamran Shahid (@iKamranShahid) September 22, 2018

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