Sarjan Barkati Completes Two Years in Jail

October 02

The family of incarcerated Sarjan Barkati on Tuesday demanded the release of Sarjan barkati who is under detention since October 01, 2016.

Barkati, who grew famous due to passionate speeches and pro Freedom Taranas became the face of 2016 civilian uprising post the killing of Burhan wani on 08 July, 2016.

He is believed to have addressed more than 180 rallies throughout Southern Kashmir attended by lakhs of people.

Barkati was arrested on October 01, 2016 in South Kashmir and was subsequently booked under the Public safety act.

The High court of Jammu Kashmir quashed his detention under Public safety act in January last year, but he continues to be under detention under various offences.

Barkati, nowadays, is lodged in District jail of Islamabad (Anantnag) at Mattan.

Author: News Desk

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