Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir Reaches Kulgam Area, Demands Removal of Army Camp

October 06

“Will give a full fledged program for the removal of Army camp in this residential area,” Mirwaiz South Kashmir Qazi Ahmed Yasir said while addressing protesters in Redwani area of South Kashmir’s Kulgam.

The area has shut for the eighth consecutive day to press in for the demand of the removal of the Army camp that was established last Sunday in the Redwani locality.

“We cannot have our schools locked for giving an Army a chance to keep a vigil on the movement of the locals, Our Education cannot be impacted,” Mirwaiz Said here.

Men and Women in large numbers later marched to the house of the eight year old kid who was hit with pellets in his eye on Friday during intense stone throwing clashes.

Mirwaiz Qazi yasir said that the fight for the removal of the Army camp is not a fight of the Redwani area Alone, but the people of South Kashmir stand by the people of Redwani.

“Tomorrow from Islamabad (Anantnag) we will give a full fledged programme to demand the removal of the Army camp from the Redwani area and people from all parts of South Kashmir will participate in the program,” Mirwaiz Qazi yasir said.

He expressed his condolences to the Militants who have been killed in the past year and said Kashmir will remember the sacrifices of one and all.

Author: News Desk

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