Army Assaults Civilians after IED Blast in Pulwama, 20 Injured

October 19

The residents of Trichal area in South Kashmir’s Pulwama District have accused the Indian army of highhandedness after seven of their troops were injured in an IED blast triggered by militants on Thursday night.

Sources told The Kashmiriyat that immediately after the blast, the soldiers went on rampage after barging into the houses of locals and thrashed inmates including women, old and children.

The residents alleged that twelve people including a women were severely injured as Army soldiers thrashed everyone the found.

“They barged into the houses and assaulted people, damaged property including vehicles, they did not even spare women,” Abdul Gani, a resident of Trichal told The Kashmiriyat.

He said that at around 9:45 pm, a huge explosion was heard in the Trichal locality followed by firing, the locals shut down their doors and turned off the lights, thinking, an encounter had started somewhere.

Some minutes later, we heard someone hurling abuses and daring locals to come out, but nobody did, Abdul Gani said.

He added that a few more minutes later, the Army men broke into many houses in the locality and then it was weeping and cries all over.

“When we came out of our houses to find injured women beaten on the roads, blood spots everywhere, it was a dark night, full of fear, like any day or any night in Kashmir, youth of the locality arranged some vehicles and we took the injured to the hospital,” he told The Kashmiriyat.

The Kashmiriyat was informed by hospital officials at Pulwama that more than 20 people with injuries were  brought to the hospital for treatment late night on Thursday.

Meanwhile the Indian Army denied the allegations.

Author: News Desk

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