Aijaz Noori- District President of Ummat e Islami Arrested in Pulwama

November 07

The Ummat e Islami District President for Pulwama, Aijaz Noori has been arrested from his residence in Pulwama.

The party has condemned his arrest calling his arrest as barbaric and said that the Indian Army had been raiding his house for the past six days and said that forces barged into his house and vandalized the property inside the house of Aijaz Noori.

Aijaz Noori had been participating in the funerals of Slain Militants and Civilians killed at the hands of Indian Forces and had been visiting the families of Militants in Pulwama District. The General Secretary of Ummat e Islami, Waheed Ahmed Khan has said that the forces have been conducting barbarism against Aijaz’s family.

He said that 25 year old, Aijaz who is the head preacher at Muran Pulwama has been passionately resisting against the brutal policies of Indian State and has decried the brutal occupation at all levels.

Noori was arrested after he had been evading arrest for more than a month, recently he led the funeral prayers of slain Militant Mohammed Amin Dar in Pampore in South Kashmir on Wednesday.

Aijaz was being threatened by the Indian Army and other Indian Forces after which he made an emotional appeal to the public via a video on Social networking, the General Secretary of Ummat e Islami said.

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