Ground Report- Power supply yet to be restored In Upper Reaches Of Tral

November 09

Lone Nawaz

As The Winter Is Getting chilly, The electricity Supply in the whole valley has gone from bad to worse.But the case is somewhat different for tral reaches .Here the power supply disappears on the onset of this chilly and harsher winter.

In upper reaches of Tral, The power scenario has worsened with the onset of winter.Irregular power supply and frequent power cuts is common routine of PDD in Upper reaches of Tral Villages.

The residents of various villages of Tral including newly established Tehsil Aripal and Its Villages Including Dar Ganie Gund , Jawaharpora Laam , Deodarpora Guttangoo ,Satura, Nargistan, Zoastan, Hajin and Gujjar bastis like Nagnad, Soinar, Zesibal and Banghidar Villages while speaking to The Kashmiriyat that they used to get power supply 10 hours a day and after the recent snowfall the things changed from rough to tough and adds the miseries of inhabitants of these villages.

The residents of these villages are extremely frustrated and annoyed with the PDD For the irregular power supply being given to them since the recent snowfall which is greatly affecting and crippling their normal life.

The residents of the area revealed that electricity supply is very irregular and frequent cuts are common to these villages.

“We are only getting a maximum of only 2 hours in a day even during such days when temperature shivering is at its peak in our villages . Erratic power supply has made our life miserable as life long sources of lighting like kerosene has become very difficult to get”, said Residents of Dar Ganie Gund.

“We are paying large amounts to PDD  and on time but in return we are not getting as much of power supply as we are paying, It is burning our pocket “, residents added.

“The power supply has gone totally out of control since tge recent snowfall, with no presictable  pattern to power cuts”,Said mohd Maqbool Sheikh ,A resident of Dar Ganie Gund.

“the transformer was allotted to our village six months ago under MLA Funds ,Three months past the transformer was installed which is meant for Ziyarat Sharif and other Two mohalla of the same village,But the PDD employees Failed to  press the same transformer into service ,which is adding our difficulties “,Said Delegation of sheikh Mohalla of Dar Ganie Gund.

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