266 Cases of Mob Lynchings Since Modi Came to Power in 2014

June 26

The death of Tabrez Ahmed in Jharkhand was 14th case of hate crime in Jharkhand in the past four years, according to data collated from media reports by Factchecker.in, a website that is tracking the horrendous trajectory of crimes based on religious hatred in India.

With Tabrez Ansari’s death, 11 such cases have been recorded this year itself while the total number of such incidents since Modi-led BJP came to power first in 2014 has increased to a staggering 266.

The data also reveals that mob lynchings are directly connected to the rise of BJP to power at the Centre.

Between 2009 and 2013, the five-year period prior to Modi’s victory in 2014, a total of only 22 such cases were reported, that means there has been a ten-fold rise in lynchings since the BJP came to power.

State governments and the Central government has largely ignored the 2018 directions of the Supreme Court which included setting up of fast track courts, stopping hate messages on social media, giving compensation to victims and bringing in a law to define and curb mob lynching.