7 Killed by Israeli Forces in Palestine

November 12

Palestinian health officials in the Gaza Strip say seven people have been killed and six have been wounded by Israeli fire in a sudden, late-night burst of fighting.

Israel’s forces also killed a commander from Hamas in clashes in the Gaza Strip, Gaza officials have reported.

They said a group of Hamas members were fired upon from a passing car.

Witness statements said Israeli planes fired more than 20 missiles into open areas where the incident took place.

“During Israel Defense Forces operational activity in the Gaza Strip, an exchange of fire evolved,” and IDF statement read.

It comes after a Palestinian was killed by Israeli fire on Friday during clashes along the Gaza-Israel border.

The deaths come after Saudi Arabia sent $60 million to the Palestinian Authority on Sunday.

Osama bin Ahmed Nagali said in a press statement that the Kingdom will “continue to support the Palestinian cause on political, economic and humanitarian levels.”