A Letter to My Brother in Heaven

July 10

Reyaan Wani

The flower of youth was yet to blossom
And the smiling petals danced with breeze
The memories of you, still bring tears
Raze my heart with spears
O brother, where did you vanish
Alone! I am left to ravish
Did you sleep alone in peace?
Bringing tears, Gloomy faces voilently out of ease..
Restless, i can not even sleep
My own breath chokes me
Gazing from window i see
The dreams of you rising in glee
My heart is quenched by this fact
And Sadness has covered my existence
Come. Come from somewhere brother
Hug your family, Hug your mother
Your boy is just little and tender
He needs you, he needs a mentor
He still calls out for you O Dead nigh
Cries himself and makes us also cry
My heart is restless and full of sorrow
Why you left us that way? Mare everyone hollow
My mother cries out loud day and night
She would give anything for your one sight
You are lost treasure of papa
What has happened since then to papa
Senility has hit him much earlier
And his hopes have been surlier
From the thunder of loosing you
His vision has become cloudy and blue
Listen to the lyrics of my heart
Listen to the diction of my words
These garden are calling, the one who left them apart
And these sacred paths await your steps
Where are you my brother?
At last it is just my lament
Listen to my heart O God
Cover us with the shield of patience
And Grant my brother the eternal essence