After Asking Militants to Kill “Corrupt Politicians”- Guv Says his remarks were in Anger

July 22

Jammu Kashmir Governor SP Malik on Monday clarified his controversial statement urging militants to kill corrupt official of J&K saying his comments were out of anger and frustration over rampant corruption.

” Whatever I said was in a fit of anger and frustration due to rampant corruption here,” Malik said, according to ANI.

Maliks called former chief minister Omar Abdullah ‘a political juvenile’ over his reaction to the controversial statement.

“He is a political juvenile tweeting on everything, see the reaction to his tweets and you will find out,” Malik was quoted as saying in reports.

“As Governor, I should have not made such a comment, but my personal feeling is the same as I said. Many political leaders & big bureaucrats are steeped in corruption here,” Malik said.