All Those Defaming Zakir Musa are Indian Agents, Says Riyaz Naikoo in Fresh Audio

December 23

The Divisional commander of Militant outfit Hizb ul Mujahideen has issued a fresh audio and this 6:54 Minute audio is being widely circulated on Social media.

“We are not against Zakir Musa, He has not got any of our men killed, as none of the Militants are aware of the location of other Militants, the video being circulated against Zakir Musa and claiming that he is responsible for getting the Hizb ul Mujahideen men killed has no association with us, whosoever is spreading the messages against Musa is an Indian agent,” Naikoo is heard saying in this fresh audio.

He is heard saying that someone had issued an audio few months back saying that, “We are from the Musa group and we will ensure every other group is eliminated,” Naikoo ridiculed the audios and videos and said it is a plan of Indian agencies to divide Militants.

In this audio, Naikoo is heard saying that Militants cannot be divided by these tactics. “We may have issues with some Militants, but that does not mean we are at loggerheads with each other,” he said. Striking a similar chord as Zakir Musa, Naikoo is heard saying, “Our initial priority is getting free from India and we are all fighting for Islam.”

A lot of wrong messages are being spread on the social media and all those opposing Militancy and spreading lies against Militancy are the enemies of the Kashmir struggle, he said.

Author: News Desk