Amit Shah’s Real Test will be Jammu Kashmir As He Becomes Home Minister

June 02

Amit Shah, trusted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has become the Home Minister of India, Shah is who is referred to as ‘Chanakya of the BJP’ by various media outlets, will undergo a litmus test in Jammu Kashmir.

The major challenges for him as the new home minister of India will be dealing with the core political issues including the Article 370 and 35 A, From politicians to Kashmir affairs experts, everyone believes that Shah’s real test has started now and it will be here in Jammu Kashmir.

Shah’s comparison is being made to Rajnath Singh whom BJP insiders called as a moderate and Shah is considered a fundamentalist. There is no doubt in Kashmir about his efficiency in dealing with Shah’s political understanding with opponents.

Former Independent MLA Engineer Rashid demanding referendum in Kashmir  thinks that there might be a lot of negatives about Amit Shah, but one thing anybody will have to accept is that he has become a politician from the ground. “I hope that he will get rid of the Kashmiris from the conflict.” On the issue of disbanding Article 370, Engineer Rashid said that many things are discussed during the campaigning. “He is not the BJP President, he is the Home Minister of the whole country. He will take steps to restore peace and normalcy here.”

While the former coalition partners of BJP in jammu kashmir, the people’s democratic party believes that Shah’s image is that of a staunch leader. The People’s Democratic Party spokesman Rafi Ahmed Mir said that Shah’s image is that of a staunch leader. “Modi has said many times that he will fulfill the incomplete Kashmir mission of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Instead of cheating the Kashmiris, they have expressed their desire to resolve the Kashmir issue by embracing them.”

The National Conference General Secretary Ali Mohammad Sagar said that Shah’s attitude towards jammu kashmir is not right. ”Steps need to be taken towards normalcy, not to deteriorate the situation further.”