An Open Letter to Shah Faesal

January 11

One understands all a commotion within a soul when his decision though personal but all connected to ward off miseries of his Nation is put to a real acid test. To join or not to join any a political stream no more looks of any paramount consideration but the moot point is what type of reflex you carry and with what solutions your heart throbs for, can be a decisive factor, rest to go inside a crowd is same as Bakshi sahib’s forty thousand figure and can be nothing different from day to day politics.

A revolution calls for a dynamic change and it is not an over night job. It is a sustained pragmatic struggle and not ever closed to study even the changes of the hours. It never downplays the future of the Nation for the sake of individual interest or be for group benefits or be for proxies and at the same time carries a vision to distinguish between a struggle and suicide.

The change of Guard is- whether to bring peace or be as usual to give a long lease to the status quo of Kashmir conundrum, be to add more fodder to the Canon, a tragedy?


Results till date are  before all of us. So, brother, your decision needs to be much more stronger, vibrant and foresighted one. Your decision can prove a milestone for a futuristic political scenario . Before to let rise a tide to wash away all Mafia’s and the rotten lot. You do need to set a trend, a consistent and a determined one to lead the time to come for a better tomorrow, to let stalemate of things to study as a win-win situation to earn for dialogues without discussing even dialogues to let redeem your Nation for the marshy.

With regards.

Mujieb ur Rahman