Army Imposes Restrictions on Whatsapp Amid Threats from ‘Pakistan Agencies’

July 09

Amid Intelligence inputs that Pakistani spy agencies were closely monitoring and profiling defence officers, the Indian Army has asked its personnel and their families to be extra careful over the usage of WhatsApp to the personnel and their families.

The Army has said that “Enemy intelligence operatives” are closely watching on the WhatsApp groups and trying to profile our officers and their families. They have even managed to enter some WhatsApp groups and quietly monitor conversations between officers.

In the recent past, there have been many cases where enemy operatives have virtually honey-trapped officers using fake social media profiles in the name of women and extracted vital military information also.

Sources said recently, a senior officer was sent an email by suspected enemy operatives and told that if he did not click on a link in the mail, videos of his daughter would be made public. “It was a coercive message with the only aim being to get him to click the link so as to install a malware on his computer,” the sources said.