Article 35 A- Bar Association Asks Members to be Present in Court Tomorrow

March 27

The High Court Bar Association, Srinagar, has asked the members of the Association to remain available in the Supreme Court on 28th of March, 2019.

The Bar council has told its members to appear in the cases relating to the setting aside of Articles 35-A and 370 of the constitution of India, if those cases are taken up for consideration on the two dates.

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It hardly needs to be mentioned that though the cases are shown in the weekly list commencing from 26th to 28th of March, 2019, but were/are not shown in the daily list issued for 26th and 27th of March, 2019.

However, listing of the cases in the daily supplementary list to be issued for 28th of March, 2019 can’t be ruled out, which necessitates the presence of the aforesaid members in the court on 28th of March, 2019.