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Qazi Shibli is a News Editor with 'The Kashmiriyat.' He is a Journalism graduate from Bangalore University.

2 Months Ago All Roads Dug in Islamabad Town- Now Left to the Mercy of God

September 05 All the roads connecting to the main South Kashmir town, Islamabad (Anantnag) township were dug almost two months ago, the residents were informed that a drainage system is being constructed and shall be repaired within weeks’ time. The work was taken up by the Urban Environment Engineering Department ...

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He Slept in Apple Orchards Since January 2018 to avoid Arrest- Today he Joined Militancy

September 03 Qazi Shibli/ Salman Shah Two photographs of youth posing with assault rifles have gone viral over Social media in Kashmir as the numbers of youth who have picked up guns challenging the Indian rule on Kashmir has mounted to 144, making 2018- the year of highest Militant recruitment ...

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Tariq Khan- The Son of a Political Stalwart is a Militant Now

August 12 In the corner of his three storey house, Nazir Ahmed Khan welcomes people who visit him as his son Tariq has recently joined Militancy. On July 25, bullets and grenades ripped through the building, walls damaged by the explosions, ceilings cracked, the windows and doors and glasses smashed ...

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An Encounter in Islamabad Town after 13 years

July 26 Many of Islamabad (Anantnag) residents have perhaps pompously come to regard their little town as a peaceful, untroubled, but that facade was shattered in just a few seconds with the acrid sound of gunfire filling the air and the blood of two dead men — Bilal Ahmed and ...

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Burhan Wani- The Death that Triggered an Uprising

July 05 On 8 July 2016, as a colour photograph of a young man, dead, blood pooled in his open mouth, started circulating. The man in the photo was 22-year-old Hizb commander Burhan Wani. Near a butcher counter, where nowadays even “meat has become a luxury,” dozens of youngsters congregated, their voices ...

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Bashir Lashkar Encounter- An Eyewitness Account

June 30 News spread in the wee hours of the morning on 01 July that the famous commander of LeT, Bashir Ahmed Wani (Lashkar) alias Abu Ukasha had been trapped in the Breenti area of Southern Kashmir’s Islamabad (Anantnag) district. People in droves of dozens and hundreds gathered around the ...

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Railway services suspended, schools shut for tomorrow

June 29 The railway authorities have decided to shut the railway services tomorrow from banihal to Srinagar. “In the view of flood situation, the railway authorities have decided to shut the railway services on Saturday from Banihal to Srinagar,” a railway official told The Kashmiriyat. The divisional commissioner Kashmir range ...

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We are not Entertainers, Lessons for Indian News Anchors

June 27 This is no decoding the DA Vinci Code or learning the Pythagoras theorem, this is basic common sense, primary learning, We as journalists are not army men holding guns firing at our enemies, even Army soldiers cannot prevent wars, they can only fight them. But lately some ‘Cuckoo land’ news ...

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