BDO Office Marwah Kishtwar district gutted in mysterious fire incident

August 04

Mubashir Naik

The office of the Block Development Officer Marwah was gutted in a mysterious fire incident on Saturday.

Sources told The Kashmiriyat that it could be an act of sabotage to hide the mass scale bungling and corruption in Block Marwah of Kishtwar District.

“Some employees posted in the block who were involved in mass scale corruption in the department could be involved as the entire record has been gutted,” they added

As per the details available, the fire in the block office was noticed by some people who raised the alarm who immediately rushed to the spot but could not save the building.

Under similar circumstances, the BDO office Dachhan and Kishtwar was also gutted, but till date the mystery behind both these fire incidents is yet to be solved and like towards incident, both Dachhan and Kishtwar block faces similar charges of corruption at the time of the incidents.

The locals informed the The Kashmiriyat that there is no electricity in the area and the finger of suspicious towards the employees of the department cannot be ruled out.

They said only few days ago team of Anti Corruption Bureau Jammu also visited Marwah to inquire about the mass scale bungling in the block.

The BDO office Marwah also functions from Kishtwar and people believe that the burning of BDO office Marwah is symbolic to put the lid on the RTIs reply that can unmask the mass scale corruption in the said block. The people called for high level probe into this mysterious fire incident.

It is pertinent to mention that like in Warwan and Dachhan blocks where approximately Rs. 27 Crores has been withdrawn as material costs on the name of political activist, relatives of the RDD employees, children’s and wives of employees including on the name of newly elected Sarpanchs has been withdrawn in Dachhan block, the massive embezzlement of worth crores of rupees on the name of influential blue eyed persons under MGNREGA has also been withdrawn in block Marwah where approximately Rs. 19 Crores has been withdrawn on the name of around 2-3 dozen people including on the name of children’s of the RDD employees.

As per the details available, after uncovering the major scandals in Rural Development Department with regard to misappropriation of CDF by Ex BDO Marwah Raiz Ahmed Lone (Now attached in Director RDD office Jammu), Rs. 19 Crore MGNRGA material cost has been withdrawn in 12 Panchayats of Marwah block.

Out of Rs. 19 Crores, Rs. 3212400 has been withdrawn from Chanjer Panchayat and the release of material on the name of Fareed Ahmed (Rs. 7718641) son of Ghulam Nabi, his brother Ashiq Hussain (832294), Nisar Ahmed (Rs. 876407), Mohammad Abbas Khanday, Mohammad Iqbal Sheikh, Mohammad Yaseen Tak and others.

In Panchayat Teller Rs. 13319480 has been withdrawn as material cost under MGNREGA which include on the names of Ghulam Rasool Malik, Ghulam Hassan Malik, Ghulam Haider Lone, Mohammad Yousaf Sheikh, Nazir Ahmed Malik and others.

In Panchayat Qadrina, (A+B) & Renia (A+B) an amount of Rs. 39543000 has been withdrawn against the name of Firoz Ahmed Malik, Mohammad Ramzan, Nazir Ahmed, Ghulam Ali Malik, Ghulam Mustafa, Altaf Hussain Sheikh, Lal Jamal, Ghulam Ahmed, Abdul Aziz, Abdul Razak, Wali Butt, Ghulam Ahmed, Mohammad Hussain Lone and others.

In Panchayat Dherna (A+B), an amount of Rs. 33765000 has been withdrawn against the name of Mohammad Sultan Wani, Farooq Ahmed Lone, Muzzafer Hussain Lone, Ghulam Ali Lone, Ghulam Rasool, Som Nath, Madan Lal, Fareed Ahmed Sheikh, & others.

In Panchayat Nowapach (A+B), Pathgam and Yourdoo, whopping amount of Rs. 7.11 Crore has been withdrawn against the names of Ghulam Nabi, Raiz Ahmed Butt, Manzoor Ahmed Butt, Zakir Hussain, Javed Ahmed, Nazir Ahmed Lone, Ghulam Rasool, Mohammad Yaseen Tak, Mohammad Hussain Lone, Sajjad Ahmed, Ghulam Qadir and others.The people of Marwah, Warwan and Dachhan block of Kishtwar District has leveled serious allegations of corruption.