BDOs Office in Shopian Area Turns into Garbage Bin- Authorities in Slumber

July 23

Complaining against authorities, the residents of Gagren area in South Kashmir’s Shopian District have said that the office of the Block Development Officer in the area has turned into a disposal spot as heaps of garbage are deposited outside the office everyday.

Speaking to The Kashmiriyat the residents said that the litter is producing bad smell and there is a possibility of an epidemic rising from the garbage that is lying outside the Government Office.

“It has become tough for us to move out of our houses or open the windows as the foul smell has gripped the entire area,” Ghulam Nabi, a resident said.

He said that the locals had complained to the Municipal council and other departments several times. “However, nobody has done anything in this regard,” he said while appealing the authorities for their early intervention into the matter.

Upon contacting an administrative official, he said that the garbage will be soon removed from the area.