Behind The Frame- Meet This Kashmiri Girl Who Helped Hundreds of Kashmiris in India

February 22

As Kashmiris in various Indian states faced backlash, in the aftermath of Pulwama attack which took place on last Thursday killing at least 45 CRPF men, the Sikh community at various places openly came to the rescue of the Kashmiri people in Punjab and Jammu.

Many social, political and religious personalities also expressed their desire to help Kashmiris in various parts of India as they were being intimidated, asked to leave ‘India’ immediately. The unruly mobs also assaulted Kashmiris and forced them to quit studies and business.

Lubna Sayed Qadri, a human rights activist, soon jumped into action and set up a whatsapp group and helpline numbers and got in touch with a few journalists who provided her constant updates from several locations about the attacks on Kashmiris at various places.

Lubna working for Human rights for the past five years, gathered a list of her contacts and assembled them through whatsapp where a live tracker was run about Kashmiris being intimidated in various parts of India.

“The Attacks were anguishing, people were being punished for something that had not done, it certainly caused panic and anguish, i wanted to help Kashmiris in this hour of need,” Lubna told The Kashmiriyat adding that through her contacts more people voluntarily expressed their desire to help Kashmiris.

A Kashmiri man was in Delhi for some work, he had been thrashed by a group of five to six people and while he was being assaulted he lost his wallet, she said. “He called me and within minutes, i arranged some money to help hi travel back home,” Lubna said.

Lubna also gathered volunteers around India and got in touch with a few NGOs and other prominent activists who provided shelter to Kashmiris who had been attacked. “We provided shelter to dozens of people at the houses of my friends and my colleagues,” She said.

The group also got in touch with Lawyers at certain places who bailed Kashmiri students who were arrested by Police in various states, she said. “Some of them are still in jail, but most have been bailed out,” Lubna told The Kashmiriyat.

A resident of Budgam district in Central Kashmir, 30 year old Lubna, did not want her story to be told. “There are hundreds of Faceless people, who came forward in this hour of need,” she said after being insisted that her story needs to be told.

The group also arranged transportation for Kashmiris stranded at a university in Ambala and got them to a nearby safer location. ”Around 100 Students were safely transported to nearby safer areas,” she said.

Several Kashmiris expressed their thankfulness to Lubna and her group for helping them in the difficult time. “I am thankful to her and her group, i thought i would be killed by the mob, but they spoke to the college authorities and the Police, who soon rescued us from the violent mobs,” Muneeb, a student of a Ambala College told The Kashmiriyat.

Another Kashmiri, Suhail Ahmed, who was in Delhi when beaten by a crowd thanked Lubna and said, “She helped me in the hour of dire need when i needed money.” The group also arranged transport for various families stranded in Jammu and Amritsar and also helped Kashmiris stranded in Jammu parts to reach Mecca Masjid in Bathandi where a camp had been set up for Kashmiris stranded in Jammu.

Lubna who has been engaged in human rights activism for the past five years said that it was possible because of the people who voluntarily expressed their desire to help Kashmiris stranded in various parts of India.”though in many states especially down South of India, we had groups ready in case of any untoward incident, but thankfully nothing happened,” Lubna Qadri said.