BJPs Admission of ‘Parties Keeping Pro Militancy Stance to Gain Votes’ Admission of India’s Defeat in Kashmir

April 01

Advocate Mujeeb u Rehman

Cheap political furor to witness playing more than soft separatists after all seek answer from the players in the field as what do they mean?

Democracy though speak for a mature pro people enlightenment both in policy and action but in practical here in Kashmir it reads a different meaning, yes, just to grab votes be by any means.

The requisite standards from the responsible political parties who lend faith in the Constitution of India as well as of the state of Jammu Kashmir vis a vis the approach to electoral politics is completely dehydrated.

The political players of the day herein in Kashmir do play a brazen untrue. Some speak that their win is to speak for Rai Shumari to determine final political fate of Kashmir as to be with India, to be separate or to be with Pakistan and some say that their electoral win is to determine for a chance to agitate Kashmir cause.

The latest statement of a newly formed political party saying that on discord of Article 370 Kashmir is to look for any a new options. All the same, finally notes what?  Seemingly be it admission of no policy before them but to just exploit separatist chord and so  be said that they are in a bid to be acceptable among public and know they  knock the proper door.

The National players have been in their admission accepting failures of the Indian system, admission of the fact that parties like PDP, NC and other local Kashmir groups are maintaining a pro Militancy and pro Pakistan stance is an admission that India and its narrative is loosing control in Kashmir.

Before dragging in, the hunt to scratch more concrete in terms of its impressions , the indelible one ,in the society after election declaration too  the same  is to being  of a cannon fodder for the times to come hereinafter. Same is definitely  to let valley  to bleed more and more and so keep the things oscillating.

All this counts graph downwards with no success of democracy and of any pavement for a mature concrete and cogent.

This  weak and fragile outlook soon after elections are over  and gets  exposed when success made possible on separatist tone can not and is not kept by these political players. The silence of Election Authority of India over this loose play raises a volley of questions against the system itself as whether in Kashmir electoral process is to be managed at any cost or in real sense the system means for a real vibrant meaningful competitive democracy.

We have here no dynamic competitions among players on merit . None gives out any a concrete policy on Health, Education, Ecology, Economy etc. We see instead mud slinging and a maximum circus’s shows. The one seeks for a place in state assembly discusses international relations and the one who seeks to be in parliament comes with domestic issues.

The most apathy to acknowledge is that the common people are not even let to be conscious of the Parliament or even of the state assembly in terms of its functioning. The institutions which are for law making does demand for a  legally rich, extraordinary men of merit and metal to be inducted  to serve  the purpose  but in practical one has to witness altogether a different lot for whom often Martial are to be called to keep the House in order. In this dehydrated atmosphere the role and purpose of Election commission limited to conduct the electoral exercise  practically render useless one, with no sane voice.

It is one of the causes of ignorance among masses about these prestigious and sensitive institutions the players of the day play loose, irresponsible and poor with only one eye to grab votes more and more. It is in this race herein Kashmir one sees players of the day play sentiments of people which do thrive within from the beginning the Kashmir issue is born. In the wake of this situation it is to be formulated as they speak so  knowingly and let achieve the purpose by hook or crook. It is this factor which demands lifting over of veil to unravel truth beyond this electoral exercise in routine.

Ironically it is this weak exercise though uncalled elections being virtually bereft of mature democratic policy hunt the Hurriyat faction makes it unnecessarily of high decibel value be it their compulsion or a routine exercise within their trajectory to at least mean and value their own factional existence.

Issues born, recognized in one form or the other any where in the world do speak for solutions and like wise, Molvi Omar Farooq is saying to seek for a peaceful solution of Kashmir problem is itself a no crime or any an act of terrorism.

Here as such a million dollar questions seeks an answer if the players of present electoral exercise do feel themselves handicapped in coming before the people without adverting to any of the limb of Kashmir issue as be as to water sharing, as to hydro power projects, be as to green gold, to open routes for the paradise on earth, to have autonomy, etc then if they all carry a moral courage do need to call for a serious meaningful synergies to address the Kashmir as common programme, with every priority rather than any thing and if they do not believe in all this then all such players do need to desist from venturing into the field occupied by Hurriyat leadership and more so for all this these players of the day do not need to wait for a call from the Election commission itself to maintain the otherwise set code and as to failure of same otherwise entails for a serious action to loose candidature itself.

Common people constituting a society have a right and same need to be protected that under any name be even elections itself be not let to be exploited in any manner. To mean elections without any fear or favour does include this structuring where no candidate may exploit on soft separatism but may come solid in policy and means to attain human good without any bias.

This factor otherwise is tacitly to acknowledge that the voice of Hurriyat has its carriers and the section even dares to come to vote despite election ban from their Lords even under this extended belief that these political players of the day may get them liberated from otherwise unabating pain and cries, a history of horror to born and thrive till issue be settled.

If it is so  burden does shift towards Hurriyat segment as to what people believe , them or their ideologically opponents. As people even vouch these mainstream leaders too be under one pretext or the other. Be said in this political hitch pitch where and how democracy is to flourish or how the blood soaked history will be able to lease out thus Kashmir from destruction and horror where meaning of life gets changed after ever hour.

In the wake of afore jumbled one elections of the day itself carry an election within of the ingredient or matrix to rule and work out , which is not  to be and can not be ignored at any cost ,more so ,in absence of any a distance in all possibles by the political players of the day as to  otherwise from the content as managed successfully by the camps not believing in the main stream camp.

The Views Expressed by the author are his own