Child Miraculously Escapes- 22 Killed in Flash Flood in Neelam Valley

July 15

At least 22 people have been killed after they became victims to a flooded water channel in Laiswa area of Neelam Valley in Azad Kashmir on Monday, authorities said.

According to the State Disaster Management Authority (NHMA) Pakistan administered JK, gushing water in the channel also swept away some destroyed structure of houses and two mosques.

The authority further said there are reports that some Tableeghi members are also missing.
The SDMA Director Operations told Channel 92 that the cloud burst happened in Laiswa at midnight and lightening fell onto two houses and a mosque.

He said the rescuer activities are in progress to retrieve and identify the bodies.

In another incident, five riders were killed after a jeep they were riding plunged into River Neelam. A minor child survived the accident.

According to the latest reports, rescue operations are underway at the site to aid the affected.