Crocodile Kills Man, Men Slaughter 290 Crocodiles in Revenge

July 17

A mob in Indonesia slaughtered at least 290 Crocodiles after a man was attacked and killed by a crocodile in the West Papua area of the country.

Reports revealed that the death of the man triggered massive outrage which which led to a massive attack on the crocodiles.

It was reported that thousands of men entered a crocodile farm with knives, swords and other sharp objects and started stabbing the reptiles.

“The Men began tying the dead reptiles and dragging them into a heap. Some of them continued to slam the dead reptiles in sheer anger. Even baby reptiles were not spared and were repeatedly struck till life was hacked out of them,” a report said.

The Police as per reports did not intervene as they were outnumbered.

Interestingly the man killed by the reptile has fallen into an enclosure of the reptiles and was attacked only after that.

Crocodiles are protected species in Indonesia and law enforcement agencies have promised a complete probe into the incident.