Do not Threaten People of Kashmir that You Will Remove Article 35A, 370- Omar Tells BJP

July 26

National Conference (NC) vice president Omar Abdullah Thursday said the Centre should repose its faith in the Supreme Court and refrain from bullying the people of Jammu Kashmir with unwarranted threats of repealing articles 35-A and 370 of the Constitution.

Addressing a party function at Eidgah in the city, the former Jammu Kashmir chief minister said petitions challenging the constitutional validity of articles 35-A and 370 are sub-judice and the Centre should wait for the verdict.

“Do they not believe in the final decree of the Supreme Court of India? Contrary to the disdain the incumbent central government has for the rule of law and the procedures established by the law of the country, our party has reposed its faith in the Supreme Court,” Omar Abdullah said.

“The matter is sub-judice, therefore it (Supreme Court) should be kept aloof from politicking. I would appeal (to the) government of India to refrain from commenting on the issue till the final verdict comes,” Omar Abdullah added.

Article 370 grants special status to Jammu Kashmir and limits Parliament’s power to make laws concerning the state. Article 35-A empowers the state assembly to define ‘permanent residents’ for bestowing special rights and privileges on them.

The National Conference (NC) vice president said the untenable advisories issued by the state administration have created a fear psychosis in the state, particularly in the Kashmir region.

“People in the Valley are going through anxiety in the wake of rumour-mongering set afloat by the administration. Whosoever goes to government offices is being warned to stock necessary household items and other edibles before August 15. Here what is worrisome is that the rumours are being set afloat by the people in the administration itself,” Omar Abdullah said.

“What is it that the government of India and the state want to achieve by bullying people? It is not New Delhi that suffers whenever the situation is difficult in the state; it is the people of Kashmir who bear the direct brunt of a tumultuous situation,” Omar Abdullah added.

Omar Abdullah alleged that statements by some Union ministers, hinting at the abrogation of Article 35-A after August 15, have also kept the rumour mills churning.