Eoin Morgan holds Adil Rashid’s faith in Allah responsible for England’s Cricket World Cup Victory

July 15

Eoin Morgan holds Adil Rashid’s faith in Allah responsible for England’s maiden ICC Cricket World Cup win at Lord’s on Sunday.

The entire Cricketing fraternity had bitten of their nails already before realising that they were in for more breathtaking stuff- a tie even in the Super Over- one, which was more than just a nail-biting contest.

England emerged victorious as they win the final of the 2019 Cricket World Cup at the iconic Lord’s Cricket Ground by scoring more number of boundaries as opposed to the Kiwis throughout the course of the match.

With 15 required of the final over, England managed to garner 14 to take the match into the Super Over- the first time ever in the history of World Cup. But, the script did not reach its climax until the Super Over too ended with a Draw, with both the teams managing to score 15 runs each.

But, riding on the superior boundary count- 26 for England as opposed to 17 for England throughout the course of the match (including the Super Over), England became the eventual World champions for the first time in the history of the tournament.

England skipper Eoin Morgan, during the post-match press conference gave a pretty smart reply when a journalist tried to catch him off-guard while referring to his Irish descent as the cause of his team’s victory.

One of the journalist asked Morgan during the post-match conference whether he reckons him being an Irishman brought him the luck to win the tournament. “Do you think the luck of an Irishman got England over the line?, questioned the journalist.

In reply, citing the English all-rounder Adil Rashid’s faith in Allah (God), Morgan said, “We had Allah with us. I spoke to Adil. He said Allah was definitely with us”.