Fact Check- Fake Poster Being Circulated to Defame Sheikh Abdullah Regarding Article 370

July 27

A fake photo is being widely circulated on Social media claiming that the former chief Minister of Jammu Kashmir and the founder of National Conference had once said that ‘370 is not a verse of Quran that cannot be changed.’

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The paper cutting being widely circulated on social media without a through fact check, claims that the news was published in 1981 in the Urdu daily- Tameel e Irshad- reading that Sheikh Abdullah, arguably the most popular leader in Kashmir having said these words in the Legislative assembly of Jammu Kashmir.

The ‘newspaper’ cutting also claims that Sheikh Abdullah introduced a bill to get article 370 abrogated, however the claim as per officials in the Legislative Assembly is totally bogus.

An Ex- member of Legislative assembly angry against the defamation campaign said, “Sheikh Sahab would rather say, i have given Kashmiris something that India would always regret having done, i will fight tooth and nail to make sure that the special status stays.”

He said it was National conference which made sure that the special status to Jammu Kashmir is safeguarded. “Even though i am not a member of any party, but i can tell whose campaign is it, they have been defaming him from decades.”

The Kashmiriyat also verified that none of the newspaper with the name Tameel e Irshad existed in 1981, the Tameel e Irshad we have now in market was started in 1987.

“The composition of the poster looks pretty new, computerized and back then we did not have any computers here, we used the hand calligraphy and the litho press,” a former editor of urdu weekly Chatan told The Kashmiriyat.

A member of National Conference expressing his regret over such defamation campaign said, “Right now, when there are powers trying to remove 370, 35A and change the demography of Kashmir, Kashmiris are still fighting fellow Kashmiris.”

Omar Abdullah, who is the in-charge vice president of National Conference also tweeted about the issue.