Forces Allegedly Thrash Kashmiri pandit in South Kashmir- Rescued by Local Muslims

June 23

The Government Forces on Sunday afternoon allegedly thrashed a Kashmiri pandit in Levdoora area of Qazigund in South Kashmir’s Kulgam District.

Speaking to The Kashmiriyat, Krishan ji Raina said that he was travelling to Qazigund to get medicines for his wife, when he was stopped by an Army man near Levdoora. “What are you doing here despite being a Hindu?” the CRPF man questioned me.

Soon the CRPF men started thrashing me with bamboos and also thrashed the window panes of my vehicle, they caused massive damage to my vehicle. Shah Ji Pandit has sustained injuries on his arms, ears, legs and back.

He said that a local Muslim pleaded that Shah ji be not thrashed. “He literally begged them to not thrash me, they started assaulting him too.,”, Krishan Ji who is a resident of Levdoora told The Kashmiriyat.

Locals rushed to the spot and soon starting protesting and took the man away from the spot. He has been rushed to the nearby hospital by the locals for treatment.

A Police official upon being contacted by The Kashmiriyat feigned ignorance about the incident. (The Kashmiriyat)