Forces Ransack the House of Islamabad Militant

August 28

The Government Forces on Sunday night allegedly barged into the house of Burhan Ahmed Ganie at S.K Colony in Islamabad (Anantnag) township and ransacked the household items.

A family member while speaking to The Kashmiriyat alleged that late night on Sunday, the troops barged into the house of Burhan Ganie, at S.K Colony and searched the house till 2:30 am, only after they broke the household items and ransacked the property.

“The father of Burhan was abused verbally, even though he pleaded that he was unwell,” the family member said.


Alleging that the troops forcibly made their entry into the house, they woke the inmates up and started thrashing the household items, even though the family has requested their son to come back.

“We do not know why we are being troubled, even though we have publicly asked our son to come back and tried our best to support the Law enforcement Agencies,” a family member of Burhan told The Kashmiriyat.

The family member also alleged that the father of Burhan and his brother were detained for an entire day and kept in custody on Monday.

Burhan, who holds a bachelors in Physiotherapy, posed with an AK 47 Rifle on 25 June, a day after he want missing from his home. (The Kashmiriyat)