Former Chairman of Press Council of India Compares Indian Army Chief to General Dyer

December 17

The Killing of seven civilians in the Pulwama region has evoked sharp criticism from many eminent citizens of India, the latest one to join the chorus is the former chairman of Press Council of India, Justice Markandey Katju.

The Former Supreme Court Justice, Markandey Katju, who also was the chairman of the Press Council of India, has criticised the Indian Army Chief, for the massacre of civilians in the Pulwama region of Kashmir.

Katju who has been seen as one of the boldest voice expressing dissent on Social Media platform twitter in a tweet said, “Three cheers for the Indian army which has now started killing civilians in Kashmir, like Gen Dyer at Jalianwala bagh or Lt Calley at My Lai in Vietnam All Indian army officers and soldiers should be given Bharat Ratna.”

In another tweet, Katju expressed, “Congratulations to Gen Rawat whose soldiers killed 7 civilians in a Jallian walabagh or My Lai type massacre in Pulwama, Kashmir. How brave of the Indian army General,” Katju wrote satirically on twitter.

Earlier Politicians including Omar Abdullah, Sajjad Lone and Mehbooba Mufti had called the killings regretful and said such gruesome killing shall be stopped. Sajjad Lone had called for an end to ‘such’ operations.

Imran Khan, the prime minister of Pakistan had called for an end to bloodshed and called for a dialogue, and said it was the only solution, the statement was supported by Shahid Afridi.

Seven civilians were killed after armed forces opened fire on protesters near the site of an encounter in Kharpora Sirnoo area of South Kashmir’s of Pulwama district on Saturday.

Police in their statement said that they were ‘deeply grieved’ by the loss of civilian lives and also claimed that the crowd came ‘dangerously close’ to the gunfight site, a statement denounced by eyewitnesses.

Author: News Desk