From ‘Toffee Lene Gaye the Kya’ to the families of Militants

January 04

Advocate Mujeeb u Rehman

Reading regulo in the valley of deaths spiraling out of control, Hell trembles to space out  as to  under which Head? to room this new class, a unique breed of people as all classes of Evil otherwise stand classified for their fate.

Insecure, inconspicuous figure, persecuted the shrunk souls from Paradise on Earth, Kashmir overnight turned celebrity on their Manning and on being manned both day in and day out. Identity politics stand well crafted on the right chord.political necessities of exposing and highlighting injustice, atrocities and what not? got adopted.

So, Emotions got as such successfully brain split with open reflexes spontaneous enough rich to kick off changes on ground and so we did witness since then the Daily terror of this blank page whereof two extreme got plated as Mufti Doctrine ,to which they referred as sacrosanct Memo of Understanding.

The political vacuum so grown within lead to ravish the valley with all fangs out to render Kashmir a bloodless soul and on taking reins by Mehbooba Mufti the meadow lost its zenith and things turned more tumults adding all pain and agony for the common man. Life got more captivated within the cross blades of striking powers on ground.

At the same time goblet of power and luxury intoxicated the paddlers within the striatum to its full and in this state of affairs Mehbooba chief Minister of the State passed on comment in reaction to sought responses as …Whether these boys go to camps, to police station to fetch toffees or to buy milk?

This and many other responses from her during her rule echo within the same decibel as had born in all its manifestations among one and all questioning if not to her but their mental faculties as the statements of Mehbooba of Now and Then.

No question now rattles over her sheer hypocrisy as same has underpinned the conduct of politics among masses and her now new make up to embrace families of victims of disaster and undeniable truth and facts makes no difference to them as the trust deficit which PDP once played as a political stunt stands all exposed and mutilated like anything leaving no scope even to be added in the common man’s vocabulary after its deleting .

This conduct of double standard of Mehbooba has thrown an open debate , where all the questions do open up with word “How?”. How she is manned again to adopt and craft same track to cling to power?  How people will respond to her witch craft ? And simultaneously the fingers do rise up against the camps of resistance as How they take their final call to it.

The responses can though be mixed and the same can not be out rightly rejected at this time of juncture but the moot point here is the lady talking once of toffees & milk remark has forgotten that page completely and has been with open arms showering lip sympathy to the victim families.

Is not it like a Kashmiri proverb- (potran sag moulan drouth) is to water leaves but to uproot  the tree or to cut its roots. Be said she has been successfully experimenting her all qualities of pretentious to all undeserved virtue and so in attempt to prove some where as mother and some where as Baji. Herein it is not out of place to mention that her conduct is way of going on again in the public that too in those pockets where even a common man fears to tread is speaking in volumes about her.

Either she is now badly intoxicated to power without which she can not survive and so ready to face all possible odds from the common public who has had been all vocal and on fire against her incompetent moves in the state which have placed the common Kashmiri out of frying pan into the fire. Or their is some  invisible power which has restored her back up to come again on fore front of Kashmir power politics.

Be it as be either or  even one something beyond comprehension, the noteworthy feature of burning Kashmir is that within flames of every sort it is always monsters who make their day with the help of mafias whom they groom all the year round and so the Jhelum flows.

The Views expressed by the author are his own, The Kashmiriyat does not necessarily agree with the views.

The Author is a practicing lawyer at District Court of Islamabad (anantnag) and also a renowned political expert.