“Gau Rakshaks” Kill Father of 5 Girls in Baderwah- Curfew Imposed

May 25

A group of alleged cow vigilantes shot a man to death who was allegedly carrying cattle at Nalthi Pul area of Baderwah in district of Chenab Valley in Jammu Kashmir.

Speaking to a local news agency, the eyewitness, Yasir Hussain who was accompanying the slain, Nayeem Shah, said that they were stopped by a ‘Cow Vigilantes’ near Nathi Pull area of Baderwah are around 2:30 AM.

They stopped us and shouted, “You are killing Gai Maata” and also accused us of illegally trading cattle in the area before rounding us and thrashing us to pulp, he said, adding, “we told them we were carrying horses, they did not listen to us and shot Nayeem with a 12-Bore Desi Rifle,” Yasir said.

Yasir said that he tried to seek help, but the group successfully ran away from the spot and also, Nayeem was lying down in a pool of blood, after being shot at.

“Nobody came to our rescue,” Yasir said. Immediately after the incident, Internet has been snapped in the Baderwah District of Chenab Valley, Also the Jammu Kashmir Police has imposed a Curfew in the area

Shah’s body was recovered by police in Nalthi Pul area of the town, Police officials said.

Locals told The Kashmiriyat that Nayeem is survived by five daughters and a son.

Sources told The Kashmiriyat that sporadic clashes also erupted at various places and the shops of the minority community were stoned at various places in this township. The SSP of Baderwah has said that seven people have been detained in the connection of murder of Nayeem Ahmed adding that, Police is investigating the matter.

Sources meanwhile told The Kashmiriyat that at least seven people have been detained by Jammu Kahsmir Police in the past few months under Public safety act in name of being cattle smugglers.

Radical cow protection groups in India have killed at least 44 people over the last three years and often received support from law enforcement and Hindu nationalist politicians, according to a new report from Human Rights Watch published in February this year.

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  1. Sahil says:

    This is all Politics agenda who gave them right to kill anyone is they are god .
    We need to stop this kind of gundaraaj and they are doing anywhere they killing anyone .
    Now we all need to justice..
    Aese logo ko umar kaid ki saja hona chahiye jo bina mtlb k kisi ko b maar dete hai

  2. Kamna Pandey says:

    The cow vigilante will have no role to play if cow trafficking is done away with. The cattle trafficking mafias are dangerous people and they should be handled with utmost strictness by law. When law fails to handle them, vigilante groups are bound to surface after witnessing decades of cow slaughtering.

    Btw, I have a question to ask to Kashmiriyat as a media house, does having more children absolve any criminal of his illegal act or activity ?

  3. Asghar says:

    This heniou work is done by bloody fool people. They have Government support indirectly that is why they are showing such courage. But the culprit will not live happily and peacefully for long time. The will suffer pain in their life by the curse of survival of the victim by the almighty Allah.

  4. Dilshad says:

    Jab tak eent ka jawab pathar se nai doge, tab tak aisa hi chalta rahega, it’s time to play attacking not defence

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